Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer by mutantlizardgirl 

To be fair, this isn't a very functional outfit if you actually plan on, you know, riding the skateboard, but in my imagination this person has a pair of vans in their backpack jussssst in case.

I entered some contest on polyvore and the theme was "bright summer dresses" ! I mean, I think I captured the essence of summer in this set. At the very least, a dress can't get much brighter than this one. I don't think I'll win or anything, I just felt like doing something creative and it's 4 in the morning so I didn't want to have to think about it. Polyvore is so soothing in the sense that you can fit colors and shapes together in any way imaginable. Everyone should make a polyvore and add me! Now I really do need to go to bed !!!

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  1. this outfit reminds me of Joyce and the ambrosia salad from Edward Scissorhands and all the creepy pastel houses :)