hardcore girl

so, right now i'm working on a megapost for this blog, not that anyone will read it but it's taking awhile (mainly because i am a crazy person when it comes to these sorts of things and i have to be so thorough that it hurts, damn my perfectionism!) which is why i haven't posted in a couple of days so, just, be patient! i recently made a polyvore set, which got me thinking, i think i'm going to start talking about my sets here!

a lot of the time i have no real idea before i start making a set, i have no general plan when it comes to creating an outfit. i have collected items in mass quantities (like, MASS MASS quantities, it's ridiculous) so going in to create a set is always just, what am i in the mood to create today? i suppose it reflects the way i am with my actual clothes, i don't buy outfits, i buy a bunch of crap i think is cool and then mix and match thru my closet, squealing with delight the moment i realize something looks awesome together. i, personally, love polyvore. it's the ultimate form of dress up, without having to spend money, which is ideal for me since i am perpetually the brokest motherfucker around and i need to prove to people that i do, indeed, have some kind of fashion sense to speak of. so, i became a polyvore addict. i used to go to doll making sites like elouai to make cute outfits, but little pixel clothes are nothing compared to what you can do with polyvore. it's cool because they're REAL clothes, that you can buy, that you could actually wear and own if you wanted to. it's different than dressing up your sims (which i tweak obsessively over)(in fact i spent all of yesterday downloading clothes and hair for my sims)(but i guess i did it wrong because now my sims game is the slowest piece of shit in the world)(my point is, polyvore is less hassle and WAY more fun than that!)!!! 

okay onward with this set i made. i've been feeling p girly lately, i've been vibing on 90's girl fashion. i'm always vibin on 90's everything, which is so ~trendy~ rn that most people write it off in a huff but, honestly, the 90's had some pretty cool and tacky things. so, i'm into it. i always say that it's equally annoying to find people that dislike something based on it's popularity as it is to find people that like something simply BECAUSE it's popular. i just like what i like and that's that. you know? anyhow, i was kind of thinking of wish upon a star when i picked out the skirt. also, the dress from my date with the president's daughter comes to mind as well. basically, i reference  a LOT of disney channel original movies when trying to figure out outfits. in fact my next post is going to be all about zenon and her clothes but, moving on:

notice the sheer fabrics. i always loved that her lipstick was so typically 90's, in that purplish shimmer hue. i remember making similar shades using my sister's shimmer powder and some vaseline (they came in those shimmer stacks, does anyone remember how popular those were back in the day?)

 this last outfit was always my fav from the movie, katherine is just a megababe in this, honestly, she just oozes bad bitch and sass.

my date with the president's daughter and the infamous dress:

i have always had a thing for that pink crushed velvet dress (sigh) i mean, honestly, i lusted after that dress as a 7 year old. 

also, another great reference for the VIBE i'm going for here is michelle, from romy and michelle's high school reunion:

especially this outfit, and ESPECIALLY especially michelle's shoes:

and, of course, alicia silverstone in clueless:

my point is, i guess, that, yes, the 90s were tacky as hell, but i think it was meant to be outrageous and over the top and glitzy. overall the main point was to have fun. that's why i love it so much. i tried to capture the ultimate girliness, the maximum glitz girl when creating this polyvore set. i'm talking shiny pink glitter princess here, but with a bit of a 'tude and a vision and some brains. i hope you understand better the overall inspiration of this outfit! i didn't know what i was creating when i started but in retrospect,  i guess i kinda did the moment i started with the skirt. i'm sure there were many other hardcore girly girls that i could post, and, if any come to mind let me know! with that, i'll leave you with this:


glitter, crushed velvet, animal prints, faux fur, nothing new

okay, so, basically i'm going to be on the borderline of ☯☯☯ sOfT grUnGe 90'S WEIRD GAWTH ☯☯☯ whatever fashion this fall, minus the dumb crosses and weird boots and shit... i'm not rly into that. idk, i like the crushed velvet 90's babydoll dresses tho! i can't help it! anyhow, the tiger striped minidress is actually a costume but i would wear the HELL out of it, with dark green hair (i'm thinking of mixing directions apple with special effects sonic and iguana and maybe even some manic panic green envy, the green i want is a dark dark forest green, or an emerald, which i can't seem to find anywhere so i'm gonna have to mix in order to get it!)... i'm gonna look like lum from urusei yatsura (hopefully)! basically i need a bunch of hi waisted mini skirts and glittery tights and fuzzy ass socks/sweaters/jackets and velvet dresses and some platform shoes for this fall! even tho i can't wear platforms because i'm a giant, a CLUMSY giant at that (i tried on some platformed shoes at the goodwill the other day and fell down on my ass while talking to the girl who ran the dressing rooms... she said i fell gracefully but i know for a fact that everyone saw my undies)(not that i care, my undies are cute)! i got the fall clothing vibe idea from self constructed freak, it's about that time of year anyway. idk who i'm gonna be for halloween this oct. but now that i'm looking at that cute tiger mini-dress, maybe i WILL be lum!!! what do you guys think? any suggestions for FALL FASHUN?

also, in retrospect, i def have a petz vibe from sailor moon. check it out:

i am basically gonna just be every green haired anime woman. peace.


filthy luker

i recently stumbled upon this dope ass street artist called filthy luker - he gives plants and normal, mundane shit on the street faces using, for lack of a better term, googly eyes, although sometimes he just paints or draws eyes on shit, too. way to make things more fun, dude! i'm totally into this. 

he also does some other stuff with tentacles and just, various other forms of street art but i'm mostly about the faces!!!