glitter, crushed velvet, animal prints, faux fur, nothing new

okay, so, basically i'm going to be on the borderline of ☯☯☯ sOfT grUnGe 90'S WEIRD GAWTH ☯☯☯ whatever fashion this fall, minus the dumb crosses and weird boots and shit... i'm not rly into that. idk, i like the crushed velvet 90's babydoll dresses tho! i can't help it! anyhow, the tiger striped minidress is actually a costume but i would wear the HELL out of it, with dark green hair (i'm thinking of mixing directions apple with special effects sonic and iguana and maybe even some manic panic green envy, the green i want is a dark dark forest green, or an emerald, which i can't seem to find anywhere so i'm gonna have to mix in order to get it!)... i'm gonna look like lum from urusei yatsura (hopefully)! basically i need a bunch of hi waisted mini skirts and glittery tights and fuzzy ass socks/sweaters/jackets and velvet dresses and some platform shoes for this fall! even tho i can't wear platforms because i'm a giant, a CLUMSY giant at that (i tried on some platformed shoes at the goodwill the other day and fell down on my ass while talking to the girl who ran the dressing rooms... she said i fell gracefully but i know for a fact that everyone saw my undies)(not that i care, my undies are cute)! i got the fall clothing vibe idea from self constructed freak, it's about that time of year anyway. idk who i'm gonna be for halloween this oct. but now that i'm looking at that cute tiger mini-dress, maybe i WILL be lum!!! what do you guys think? any suggestions for FALL FASHUN?

also, in retrospect, i def have a petz vibe from sailor moon. check it out:

i am basically gonna just be every green haired anime woman. peace.


  1. oh my goodness the sixth dress is brilliant! i'm definitely going to be vibing off your fall vibes + lots and lots of jean jackets

  2. yeah i was going to make denim more of a "thing" in this post but i couldn't find anything i rly liked, i want the stonewashed denim tho, and lots of it! ty for commenting, it's so lame when there's not feedback!

  3. yusss stonewashed denim is rad! and i know how you feel about the commenting-sometimes it could feel like you're writing to no one when there's no feedback. anyways i love you too much not to comment!