an airplane droned across the sky
a small white line appearing through the blinds
you told me that you could always predict good days
and tried to make my bad ones better
sweater weather brought us together but
i never felt romantically inclined i never wanted to
kiss you
but i wanted to be close i needed
someone to love me
my frizzy hair like a halo in the light
my lipstick stains on cigarettes
i never meant for it to be serious i just liked drinking
and driving and talking and laughing and dancing and doing
basically everything with you
we were never together so we could never break up but
when you stopped hanging around i felt like something was
broken something was really wrong
we cried together and held hands and you
clung to me in the night and
came to me in the pouring rain with cookies and hot chocolate
i'll never forget us even though
i'm just a lipstick smudge in your memory now
and probably not even


A doodle a day

I'm trying to keep creating even though at times its a struggle for me, unfortunately. Going outside helps. I've been reading books more, too. I hope I can keep this attitude up for at least a little bit ~