um doodles

just an update on my latest doodles. you can see my style shifting slightly and i'm p happy about it. i am becoming more and more "in tune" with cartoon bodies imo and although it's not exactly EASY for me i am at least kinda starting to get the hang of it... which is something, right? sashiko aka wishcandy came and visited me last week and while we were kickin' it she gave me some p solid advice about pushing yrself and making things happen thru practice and perseverance and consistent online posting. she also gave me a deadline to complete my zine, nay sayer, and it's sometime in may or march i believe so i had better get to work on it, huh? (i would also like to point out in a kind of sidenote that she is an intelligent, beautiful TALL creature with cute lil dance moves and good taste in movies. hopefully we will hang out again soon!!!) anyway, here are my d00dles, i truly hope you like them... or i at least hope that they don't make you wanna scratch yr eyes out. and if they do then you can go fuck yrself because i am an amazing artist. ok bye!