enjoy these good looks from the past. i don't take photos much, but i gif the fuq out of my life, truly. i mostly track my hair growth and outfits. that's not weird, right?

anyh00, I got those socks from Michael's for like, a buck. And I instantly lost them because that's how my life typically rolls. And then I get new socks. And then the process repeats. Etc. I'm sure everyone has this complicated of a relationship with their socks. Also, I have no idea where those tights went. They were probably ripped by my Godzilla legs (I say this with pride and not disgust, Godzilla is fucking awesome and so am I!) like most of my tights, and I think I got them on sale @ Charlotte Rousse? Or something like that. After the fall season when all the fall coloured tights were on sale. I have no idea how much I paid for them. Now, the skirt I bought at my local Goodwill for around 5 bux. I was ecstatic. The red kangaroo t-shirt is also from the Goodwill. It has a real fuzzy kangaroo on it that you can pet and underneath it has a yellow embroidered, "AUSTRALIA". I love it. It's pretty entertaining to pet, actually. I had those round ass glasses for the longest time, but they broke somehow. Are you noticing a pattern here? I am notoriously destructive... and forgetful. They were cheap, though, the cheapest pair, I believe, available on Zennioptical.com. That is... until I needed to buy a new pair. Then I discovered that the stupid website had DISCONTINUED MY PERFECT GLASSES. I still haven't fully recovered from this slight. I haven't been able to purchase new glasses and instead opt to wear an older pair that I H8. In the last gif I am wearing a very comfortable sweater that I love. It's just a plain blue sweater but I wear it with a lot of things and it's super comfy and familiar. Underneath I have a checkered(?) collared shirt that I wear to the beach a lot. The sweater wasn't purchases so much as it was acquired? Not that I stole it, I simply tend to acquire clothing that I have no idea where it came from. Mystery clothes. Perhaps I have a clothes fairy (how awesome would that be tho???) and the checkered shirt was also bought at the Goodwill. I think it was six dollars? I don't spend much on clothes, really. Or, at least, I didn't. I guess now that I have a job I spend a bit more on clothes. It's nice, being able to buy things, but it's a little overwhelming having the option to pick clothing out to wear v.s. having to scrounge together change and settle for whatever was in the thrift store/in a friend's closet. It's weirdly challenging. I think I actually prefer the spontaneity of thrift shopping, you know, kindof having to work with what you find. I would also like to note that I DESPERATELY miss my locks. My pretty hairs. I hated it it at the time, but, it's funny... I kindof miss it now!