i won't even make excuses about not posting anymore. i just... don't. lack of motivation, probably. i finished all of glee that's on netflix, tho.

that's important.


today i actually rode my BIKE through the PARK on my way to buy crap from my work. i contemplated bringing a camera w/me of some kind, but i psyched myself out thinking i was going to lose or break it, so i left everything at home except for my backpack, wallet, ipod and headphones. it was an interesting ride, to say the least. i put on a cute outfit (well, imo? it was simple, but spring-y. i should've taken pics but i never take pics because AWKWARD)

i was listening to music and cruising through the park when i saw this old guy who had come into my work the other day to buy stuff just sitting on the grass by the side of the road, under some measly baby trees. he's in a wheelchair, and as i rolled up to where he was sitting, it became apparent that he was homeless. we talked for a second, he told me his name was larry, and he asked me if i could bring him back some orange and grape soda, from big lots. i agreed, of course. he tried to give me some money but i was like, c'mon dude. i'm not gonna make you pay for some soda, i got it. i promised to return w/the soda and went on my way.

everyone complimented my colorful hat when i went in, which was super nice since most of my friends have been telling me that it's a "grandma hat" which should've stayed at the kmart for all eternity, where it belongs. i bought the soda and my other junk and some water for the dude because ... guy, you gotta hydrate... you can't just have soda all day. you know? and then i immediately rode the soda/water down to him and gave him the 5 bucks i had in cash in my pocket (which was covered in weird pocket sweat and prly gross but what's a girl 2 do) and told him to come by biglots sometime to let me know how he was doing. i wish i could've moved him somewhere better to sleep... he was trying to set up a tent right where he was sitting and i knew right away that he would be chased out of there by some cops sooner or later... but there really isn't a good spot for a disabled homeless man in a wheelchair to set up camp anywhere nearby, so, idk. i was on my bike and carrying shit so there's not much i could've done, plus i was alone w/a random dude, that always sketches me out. i guess i'm just going to worry about him for a bit.

the wind was really nice and i rode through the streets jamming to my tunes and it was alright.