gIRL by mutantlizardgirl 

It's been awhile since I've posted about #fashun on this blog. I guess I was depressed? Or uninspired? Self conscious? I stopped taking pics of myself and I completely stopped making things? I guess that's the way it goes when you have depression! Anyhow, I've been drawing more and making things and getting dressed so that's really good! And now I can post more about my silly polyvore sets that I make.

I'm terrible at giving things relevant titles. When I imagine the gIRL who would wear this, I think of a tough chick who listens to twee and who goes to shows a lot? Of course, everything I create is something that I would wear so I suppose this gIRL is an alter ego of mine... a self that has $$$ cash money $$$. I'm trying to accumulate more of a wardrobe. I don't really look good in those saggy boyfriend jeans that are SO COOL right now which is a bummer cause when people pull it off it really does look SO COOL and laid back and chill. I wanna be laid back and chill, wtf. I'm tall and big so it's hard enough just finding pants, let alone aesthetically pleasing hip cool guy pants!

I'm thinking of opening up an online shop to sell junk that I find since I see so many people online doing it seemingly successfully? So, pretty soon I hope to open up a store. My plan is to use the money I make selling clothes for buying clothes, that way I have some kind of disposable income. Similarly, I want to try selling my artsy fartsy stuff so I can have fundS to make more artsy farsty stuff. If anyone has any advice on this subject and would be willing to help me out, please, feel free to comment or even send me an email!

Oh, and another thing, I'm going to be redoing the look of my blog soon. Idk to what yet but all of my image links are breaking and I'm kindof over the scrolling, dizzying floral background. If you have any thoughts or ideas or opinions, let me know in the comments!

ANYHOO, what do you think of this lOOK? I just want to keep making things to make things, like Andy Warhol said, just make more art, let other people decide if they like it or not!  


  1. all of your picks look super fantastic- and I hope you feel better soon and are back making art and then selling art, along with clothes because your taste is super awesome <3


  2. sooo cute--i love the bobby pins :)