very "me" things

Occasionally, I go through my computer (and by "occasionally" I mean "rarely-ever-almost-never", if I'm going to be completely honest) and when I do manage to scrounge up the courage it takes to delve into the dark abyss that IS my computer's hard-drive, I come across all kinds of useless photos, gifs, videos and pngs. of just... shit that I saved however long ago for whatever reason thinking that I might use it for so-and-so but never ended up DOING it, or, maybe I did but just never got around to deleting it because even in the virtual world I am THE #1 Queen Packrat of the Century... a lot of it probably got posted on facebook at some point or another, or, perhaps, I just... wanted it. To keep. For an indefinite amount of time and for absolutely nothing. Whatever the reason, every couple of months or so I end up with a CRAPTON of just, well, you guessed it! Crap! USELESS CRAP! A crapton of useless crap, in fact. I've had some of my more technology-friendly friends literally gasp aloud when they catch sight of my desktop, which normally looks equivalently as gross as the floor of my bedroom - a complete and total unorganized mess 99.9% of the time (the other .1% of the time that my desktop is clean can be compared to the kind of tidying-up that includes just, shoving crap in heaps underneath the bed... I end up making one of these babies:

and calling it a day... does anyone else do this? I'm sure I'm not the only one, right? ... right???)

moving on,
I am in desperate need of a clean-out! I guess this is some kind of form of SPRING CLEANING, if you will, just, instead of sweeping and dusting and organizing my closet I will be going through the entirety of my computer (fucking GULP, wish me luck! I MAY NOT COME OUT ALIVE!). I'm going to post some of the random photos and things that I have collected over the months... and months... and months... 

You get the idea. I've decided to title this "very 'ME' things" because a lot of this stuff truly reflects the things that I am interested in as, you know, a person and I think having them all side-by-side on my blog will be pretty neat-o to see. I don't have a LOT of the sources for the photos I'm about to post so, if you see something that's yours or if you know the source of something, please, feel free to leave a comment below so I can fix it! Okay? Cool. Here goes nothin'!

annnnnnnnd I'm done.
 Truthfully, I have a lot more (a lot a lot) but I'm going to spare you all the rest of them... for now. I think I'll continue doing posts like these, though. Going through all of my old stuff and posting it has been a lot of fun for me, and this crap just barely scrapes the surface of all the other junk I have tucked away. I also have a whole other computer I can go through so, I hope you enjoyed this little photodump. It's nothing much but I think it really says a lot about me personality-wise. I hope you're all having a great week (all... 2 of you that read my blog, haha) and please leave comments if you want, I don't bite (hard! ha ha... ha ... ....) ! 

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  1. esdrzfguihj,ko!! that is the most perfect inspiration post I have ever seen! ARGH I LOVE THAT IT IS SOO AMAZING!