things i need in order to become more successful creatively

  • a new computer: my computer just died, sadly. or is in the process of dying. it's an old laptop and it barely ran anyway but still... super depressing!

  • a phone: yeah... it's 2015, i'm 25, and i do not have a phone. when i DO get a phone, tho, i want it to be hella hi tech in order to make up for all of the years that i've spent being cut off from the rest of humanity. i want a phone so i can post on the go ! i need it to stay connected to everyone ! and most importantly i need it so i can post all of my selfies on instagram! LIKE A HUMAN BEING, GODDAMNIT!
  • a tablet: no, no... not another fancy device simply for posting selfies, i mean a drawing tablet, and a NICE ONE, so I can make the arts. 
  • ink for my printer: it would be really nice to print out reference photos to take w/me on the go. 
  • more toy cameras: for my zine, duh. also i want to document my life. i never got over the whole hipster thing where people use film cameras. i LIKE the artsyfartsyness of it all. call me a cliche, idgaf.
  • new pens: art pens! gosh, all of my old ones dried out. i need some cool new ones for inking.
  • copic markers: the more, the better. i love the bold colors. i thoroughly enjoy working w/markers.
  • gauche paint: i've never used this kind of watercolor before, but apparently it's the paint i've been dreaming of. i've always preferred watercolor in the past but found it to be frustrating to work w/when you're trying to get a bold color. layer after layer after layer of paint, and alllll of that waiiiiiiiting like YAWN. i've heard that gauche paint is a more opaque watercolor, and that is music to my ears, truly, cus who has time for that shit? idk people with patience. not me.
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • I know... it seems like a lot, and it is. I'm mostly wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to acquire some or all of the above in a cost effective manner. If you have any suggestions, please, let me know! I have no idea what kind of computer to buy, or phone, or tablet, or art pens. I NEED HELP and I'm not afraid to admit it. So, internet... please help me. If you have a favorite pen for inking, let me know. If you think copic markers are a ripoff because ________ has cheaper ones and are essentially the same, leave a comment. If you know where to find reasonably priced printer ink, holla@me. I would really appreciate it. Hope everyone is having a nice day!


    1. hey dude :)
      my friend's husband is a pilot and she gave me this pen because i really liked it: http://i.imgur.com/0KcynyF.jpg
      it writes like a 0.5 pilot gel pen BUT !!! it doesn't bleed when you use water colors on it! i love using the pilot gel pens to draw but when i want to use water color, they bleed - this pen is so perfect. there's no words on it :( but if your art store sells Japanese pens, look for this kind!

      1. oh thank you so much! i will look into it. there's probably a place online where you can buy it, right?

    2. Would also recommend Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to the list, depending how you like to edit/ scan things or create collages and stuff :)


      1. I have photoshop but I need to reinstall Illustrator... and then learn how to use Illustrator haha.

    3. One pen that I like a lot and found it was cheaper (than the others with the same kind of tip) where I bought is "koi coloring brush pen", it's by sakura color (it's from Japan)... it's really good for the outlining and for typography. here is a photo of the pen: (I use the black one not the gray one) http://static.jetpens.com/images/a/000/034/34183.jpg
      and here is something that I draw the outlines with it: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q27zdWmxcnM/Vi0qVN0iYdI/AAAAAAAAAMs/VGoQZsJd5-E/s320/personaje.JPG

      and for art pc program I use 'easy paint tool SAI', because I think it's way easier to use it than photoshop...thought photoshop is more useful sometimes.